Summer 365 LED 9 watt
Summer 365 LED 9 watt

Summer 365 LED 9 watt

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Summer 365 LED globes:
Introducing the brightest, clean, clear, full spectrum LED globe you are likely to find. 

Melissa of South Australia wrote:- Thank you! I’m convinced these light bulbs are the reason my Seasonal Affective Disorder has been cured (or at least is barely noticeable.) I’ve recommended them to a few people who also suffer from SAD in the hope they feel better too (this bulb is a gift to a friend.) Even my kids have responded well to the different kind of light we have in the house now (I have these bulbs in almost every room!)

3 things you should know about LED (Light Emitting Diodes)

1. World class LED's must be used to achieve quality performance. Cree, Epistar, Samsung, Osram and one or two others are regarded as amongst the best.
Globes that don't disclose the LED type should be avoided. The Natural Light 9 watt and 6 watt globes use Epistar.
Lumen output of a quality build globe will offer near to 100 lumens per watt, most products are closer to 50 lumens per watt! 
The Natural Light 9 watt is 960 lumens and the 6 watt is 640 lumens.
The Heat Sync is the globes ability to disperse heat away from the diodes, keeping them cool prolongs quality retention. Globes without fins and lack of proper ventilation design
will likely lose brightness unnecessarily. 

Things to like about our LED globes

  • 50% power of equivalent compact fluoro
  • Long life 35,000 hr rating
  • No mercury concerns
  • Less ambient heat than other lights
  • 3 year manufacturers warranty