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Hi Mike ,

It has been nagging me that there was something I was meant to send you after we spoke at the Budgie Nationals ; it was the link for the full light spectrum tubes I use in my room ...
I have my full light spectrum Spectralux UVA/UVB lights on timers at the moment to bring the canary photoperiod forward and a number of my bird fancier mates are also using these tubes and have found the birds on the wire trying to get closer to the tubes ; as you would know, birds can see in the UV spectral region and they seem to know their bodies need the UVA/UVB for better overall health and the function of UV to manufacture Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) which is necessary for
them to absorb Calcium species through the gut wall...

The link is below ; Geoff Hulme (their NSM) is a great guy and he will help you with purchase of the tubes..
(they come in packs of 10 so you may want to share with another fancier ; I shared tubes with both Rod and a canary mate and ended up purchasing 20 tubes in total (2 x 10) ....

My birds seem to relish the Spectralux lighting and it’s the best I have seem them in many a year.

Best Regards,