Welcome to Natural Light

Natural Light had their beginnings in 1994, when the benefits of natural full spectrum lighting came to our attention. We now supply a range of clean, clear natural light products that have met our requirements and expectations. Balanced colour rendering, power efficiency and sustained performance combine to provide the best results for our customers satisfaction and product value.

Full Spectrum Vs Standard Cool White Lighting is a relatively new consideration in our country. In terms of lighting commerce in Australia, this extremely important issue is quite simply not on the agenda. Businesses and households unwittingly persevere with very poor lightning, compromising the health and productivity of employees, family and friends. Throughout the USA and Europe the benefits of natural full spectrum lighting have been well established. At Natural Light our endeavour is to present both product and information that will help establish a greater awareness of how light affects us:- positively or adversely.
Full-spectrum lighting counteracts the negative effects of standard cool-white lights, which we in Australia have come to except as both normal and suitable. Invented in the 1930′s standard fluorescent lights may provide illumination but fail to make up for the lack of natural light. The artificial discolouration and marked depreciation in lumen output of standard lights combine to severely compromise the performance and wellbeing of today’s office workers! Not surprisingly, headaches, eyestrain, nausea and fatigue are common complaints of people who work long hours at the office. Full-spectrum natural light will reduce these problems, increase visual acuity, reduce glare of computer screens and brighten work areas with a physically compatible colour corrected atmosphere.


Along with our ‘Summer 365’ product selection, we hope our experience and suggestions are helpful.