Customer Testimonials

JB Arthur & Associates
As per our recent discussions, I would just like to reiterate in writing how pleased we are with the Natural fluorescent lighting that you have installed in various sections of our offices over the last two years. One of the main reasons that we are so pleased with them is the fact that we have noticed a considerable reduction in headaches amongst the female staff. The soft effect of the lighting has obviously contributed to this, as all other aspects of the office have remained the same.


Clive Fredman and John Malina

It is now two years since we had out lighting changed to “full spectrum” illumination. The contrast between the old yellow tubes and the new clear lights was remarkable. Presentation of the whole office has improved. More importantly the benefit to working conditions continues, assisting all detailed visual tasks with a clear pleasant light. Thank you for bringing to our attention the advantages of correct lighting.

Yours sincerely, Clive Fredman and John Malina

Rockwell Australia Limited

Rockwell Australia Limited would like to take this opportunity in expressing our appreciation to your company and in particular yourself , for assistance in solving our inferior office lighting.
We are exceedingly impressed with the FULL-SPECTRUM LIGHTING our company has recently installed within our Administration & Engineering sections. Our Engineers are totally satisfied with the new lighting luminous, which they say has had no conflicting effect with their computer stations.
I would also like to express my appreciation for your prompt attention in responding to our company needs.

Yours sincerely, Ray McLaren, Senior Personnel Officer, Human Resources

DMG Accountants

To Whom It May Concern,
Having 5 years of constantly blowing light globes and flickering fluorescent tubes, Mr Geoff Hulme of Natural Light did a complete review of our lighting requirements. He replaced all the globes with brighter long-life globes and fluorescent tubes that provided brighter and more even light for our work environment. As a result, I have not had to replace any lights and/or tubes in the last 3 years. I am exceptionally impressed with his services and efficiency and highly recommend him and his products to any business and households that need to update or review their lighting requirements.

Yours respectfully, Dennis M Gridley

Vita Pacific Limited

With regard to the full spectrum lighting installed by you at our Kilsyth site, the following applies. Prior to installation the office environment was poorly illuminated, even though this did not prevent workplace tasks occurring it was obvious that something other than continued use of standard tubes, needed to be done. The immediate change in environment once the tubes were fitted was quite dramatic and commented on by all people regardless of whether they worked in the area or not. It did not go unnoticed that the change occurred without installing extra lighting. I believe this type of lighting is invaluable in creating an environment where people “feel” different. The price component is I believe an investment in my business not a cost. There are obvious HR advantages but from a service perspective I know the life of the tubes now in place will be far greater than standard lighting.
Thank you for the service provided by Natural Light.

Kind regards, Alan Lucas, State Manager

Amelia Butler

True Colour Australia, www.truecolour.com.au
As the Australian Trainer for Sci\ART Global, I teach students the necessity of using quality, full spectrum lighting in order to conduct professional and accurate colour analysis. I recommend all students purchase their lighting products from ‘Natural Light’. In my experience fast, efficient and knowledgeable service is assured. I recommend full spectrum lighting to anyone who works with colour (art, craft, design, make up, image consultants. It is the only way to obtain accuracy and clarity

Kind Regards, Amelia Butler


Special thanks! Dear Natural Light,
Just a note to say how pleased I am with your full spectrum task lamp. It is ideal and improves everything you say it does! So much so I gave one to an ‘older’ friend, and she too is thrilled with hers. With thanks and appreciation for a great idea and service.

Kind Regards, Julie


Just wanted to let you know that my parcel with my little gems arrived the other day.  I could not wait to get home to put them into all the fittings that I could.  I have to say that they have made an INSTANT change energetically within the house.  I am a happy person by nature, but I have to say that the inclusion of the globes in the house has lifted this even more!!  I find that my body is not under as much stress and my eyes are not straining any longer when looking at the TV, or reading etc.  I still have some other "normal" globes around the house - down lights etc., and I just cannot now believe the difference when walking from one room which now has Full Spectrum, to another room that has down lights - my eyes are struggling to make the adjustment big time!!  And I thought the down lights were doing a good job. Now to work on removing all the chandeliers I have in 3 rooms to lights that I can fit full spectrum!!!  Thanks so much for being in the market place and bringing this product forth!!!

Miracle Blessings, Trudy