Benefits of Natural Light


Why is High-Quality Full Spectrum Lighting beneficial?

IMPROVED HEALTH AND WELLBEING through a reduction in eyestrain, headache and fatigue, immediately leading to greater staff comfort and productivity.

COST SAVINGS in power are obtainable through reducing the number of tubes used in many standard configurations, without compromising light levels.

REDUCED ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT is today’s future! Our products provide sustained quality 3-4 times longer than that of standard tubes, significantly reducing the amount of disposable material waste.

REDUCED MAINTENANCE, as our fluorescent tubes carry a 3 year warranty. After 3 years, light output levels (lumens) will still be at least 90% of the original levels.

IMPROVED VISUAL CLARITY when using computers in low-glare full-spectrum lighting. Anti-glare screens, canopies and subdued lighting can be a thing of the past for computer users.

ENHANCED COLOUR PRESENTATION with clean, clear, and natural colour rendering. Displaying goods and stock in their best light, knowing that “Eye Appeal is Buy Appeal”