Study Lamps

When there are so many desk lamps to choose from, how do you select the one for you?

Regrettably, the vast majority of purchases are determined by two main considerations. 
1. PRICE, the larger the budget, the broader the selection.
2. FASHION, do I like the look of it? Is it my style? Does it match the curtains? 
Most desk lamps are designed with these criteria in mind because that is how the market works. However, if the lamp is going to be used, lighting DESIGN and FUNCTION are of the greatest importance. 
What kind of light does it give, harsh and glarey or clear and easy on the eyes?
Is it going to be bright enough for reading and fine detailed work?
Can it be adjusted in direction and height?
Does the beam spread over the work area or is it narrow and confining? 
Will the lamp radiate heat or is it cool to touch? 

CLARITY, QUANTITY and POSITIONING of the effective light source are much more important than how the lamp LOOKS. Choose well.